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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  June 17, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a local lawmaker wants to bring arizona's immigration law to northern virginia.
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in alexandria, a draw would make disabled drivers pay for for resevered spots. students were surprised with scholarships up to $5,000. we begin with -- we begin on capitol hill, the ceo, tony hayward. he withstood tough criticism today and tough questions and offered little. >> reporter: tony hayward swore an apology to congress and the nation. >> i'm very, very sorry this accident occurred. >> reporter: but the bp chairman got slammed by a protester, a shrimper from the gulf and lawmakers. >> we drew hundreds of wells a year. >> reporter: on "deepwater horizon," bp admits using
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procedures other companies don't to save time and money. >> why were the safety recommendations of your own engineers? >> i'm not prepared to speculate on what made the difference. >> reporter: hayward has been sent the questions and warned to have answers. >> i think you're stalling, insulting our intelligence. >> reporter: hayward pleaded not guilty. as hayward told angry lawmakers that nobody at bp has been fired over the accident. no one. he said bp hopes to capture more oil next week, maybe all by mid-july, leaving uncalculated millions of barrels out of the gulf. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, clip. we're told that 60,000 barrels of oil are flowing into the gulf every day. coast guard admiral thad allen
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predict that is crews will be able to capture that much each day by next month. a barges were shut down last month because of safety concerns are now rejoining the containment efforts, but tonight, there are new concerns that thunderstorms will slow town the effort. a strict new law on immigration put arizona at the center of this country's immigration debate. virginia could be different. the board charm wants to follow arizona's lead. >> reporter: the man who led the figtd three years ago now wants a statewide crackdown. in anthony, a law led to widespread protests and fears of racial profiling. now, corey stewart wants to
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bring that law to virginia. >> if you're caught breaking laws and you're an illegal alien, you should be deported. >> reporter: he wants illegals who break the law to be kicked out of the country and for police to determine the status of anyone detained. >> we look to see something similar passed here statewide to bring down crime and make everyone a lot safer. >> reporter: stewart says he's lining up law make rs to introduce a bill in january. >> this is another of his political maneuvering to gain political power. >> reporter: mexicans without borders officials point to crime statistics last year, which shows 6% of arrests last year in prince william were of people of undocumented status.
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>> the immigrant population and to me, the increases the crime rate goes down. >> reporter: the proposal is already stirring up controversy. >> they need to talk about reform rather than punishment. everybody's concentrated on dividing the country up. >> we're scitizens. they should be deported. and especially if they break the law. >> reporter: now, the justice didn't is still deciding on whether to mount a legal challenge to the arizona law. some near virginia are preparing for another battle. back to you. >> thank you,darcy. more problems for arlington national cemetery tonight. headstones have been found in a creek on the cemetery grounds. no one seems to know how the markers got there or how long they've been there. cemetery officials say it's possible that the headstones were damaged during the
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inscription process and then were disposed of improperly. last week, the army's inspector general released a report that found 200 unmarked or misidentified graves. the house services department will hold a hearing on the mismanagement at arlington on june 30th. the man involved in the planned bombing of times square was indicted today. the police say he left an suv with a bomb inside. the bomb never went off. investigators say shahzad trained with taliban before convicted. a firing squad will kill a murder tonight. ronny lee gardenuarardner is sc
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to be shot while strapped in a chair in about four hours. he was able to choose his death. gardner shot a lawyer inside a courthouse in 1985. supreme court refused to stand in the way of his execution. in south carolina, democratic party officials have upheld a u.s. senate primary won by an unemployed military veteran. the party decided there was not enough evidence of impropriety to nullify the victory by alvin greene. greene's opponent complained of problems with electronic voting machines. he will face jim demint in november. coming up, alexandria needs money. one way it plans to get it is by charging disabled drivers for parking. the couple that crashed the white house state dinner had an interview today, another one.
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an a huge geyser slowed traffic in philly. you'll want to enjoy tomorrow, jim, because starting this weekend rk, 90 degree heat will be common. phil mickelson and tiger do something for the first time ever at the u.s. hope. plus, redskins greats having a great time. a
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couple of guys tried to stick up a check cashing store today. the father and son were attacked and the son, shot and killed. it happened just before 11:00 this morning. police say two guys with guns tried to rob the place as they
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were trying to open up. the 30-year-old was killed. his father is in the hospital. police are looking for a gold-colored hundai. city of alexandria is going to be start charging people with disabilities for parking. currently, anybody with a state-issued disabled placard can park in meters spots without paying. the city department of transportation says it is an effort to stop parking fraud, which has cost the city tens of thousands of dollars. >> we get complaints, why is this segment of the public parking without cost and that cost the being by the general user. >> the measure is expected to raise $133,000 in the first year. some critics say it's going to
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be at the expense of all with disabilities. in arlington, they charge for august metered parking spaces. campbell's soup is recalling 15 million pounds of spaghetti o's with meat balls. with meat balls, a to z with meat balls and fun shapes with meat balls. they're all part of the recall. coming up tonight, a first for u.s. automakers when it comes to the quality of new vehicles. 21 high school seniors in d.c. got help with college tonight and
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some kids in southeast d.c. caught a break tonight. they're seniors who were surprised with scholarships to college. >> i tell my friends, i'm going to ballew. that school, you will get jumped, this and that. i was like, no. >> reporter: when royal jones moved with her family from maryland to southeast d.c., she believed in something others didn't. her district high school. now jones and the rest of the
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students are proof that with a little faith, improved test scores and higher graduation rates can be achieved. because of their years of hard work, tonight, 21 of the grads were ñiawarded scholarships thas to a gift from an enormous donor. donald thomas was one of the lucky five to receive $5,000. >> i feel great. just shows the opportunity that's been given to the people. to overcome the stereotype. >> thanks to local partnerships, students are getting access to worlds they never knew existed. this summer, before jones heads off to penn state, she'll be at the law firm as an intern. >> i was working at mcdonald's before. >> jonathan went to three other schools before finally settlie
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ing at ballew. >> i'm overwhelmed. thank you very much. whoever you are. >> now, what we do know about this donor is that he gree up in southeast and had nine children attend the school, but school administrators say it's not so important who he is, but that people are now giving back to the high school and are hoping these recent graduates can soon do the same. $45,000 in scholarships were awarded tonight. the remainder of the $600,000 donation will be invested to help grads in the future. good for them. >> very, very good. it is going to get very hot around here. not so much tomorrow, but the weekend, jim, then a stretch for most of next week. unlike the kind of heat we've seen so far this year. so a couple of days close to 90 degrees, folks, but enjoy it again. for one more day, folks, there around the national mall
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enjoying the drier air that's over us. yet, temperatures were a little higher today than yesterday. we got into the upper 80s. 87 at reagan national airport. the average high, 84. so far, we've had now seven, 90-degree days. we're going to pick up quite a few. 76 degrees is the temperature currently. the dew point is at 56 degrees with still a light, northwesterly breeze coming through the area. 78 in frederick, maryland. 76 in warrenton and by the time we get to tomorrow morning, we'll be starting out in the 60s. tomorrow will look a lot like today and feel a lot like today. the dew point temperatures are well under the 60-degree mark. this weekend, 65 to 69 and next
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week, a couple of 70-degree days thrown in. here's a look at the high today. this whole area, temperatures were running some 3 to 8 degrees higher than average. the pattern, more conducive of a heat wave. this is the storm system that will bring us a few cooling showers. i think we'll have that saturday night, but tonight, it's producing a lot of severe weather. 58 tornado reports. north dakota, south dakota and minnesota alone. let me show you the video that was shot yesterday. a large tornado, this is dupree, south dakota. visually stunning, but so violent and deadly they can be. this one was on the ground for 25 minutes and yes, you're noticing multiple tornados on the ground. it's likely at one point that they were rotating around each other. that is again, stunning an amazing. the storm system will weaken as it makes its approach to the
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east. saturday night late, we could have a few thunderstorms popping around us. we're going wait and see just how violent those will be. right now, doesn't look like anything serious. 61-66 tomorrow morning. expect a high in the mid-80s tomorrow and still again in the comfort zone. it's this weekend, especially sunday, that we'll see higher humidity and close to 90 degrees. monday, we get sunshine and a drop in hooumt humidity, but then it climbs again. we've gotten up to 94, but not 95. >> thanks. coming up, some middle
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the best partñr about the lt day is not what happened on the field, but beside it. the redskins' elder statesmen haven't felt the love for the last decade or so. bruce allen, already changing that. it was kind of a party-type atmosphere during the final day of mini camp with more than 50 alumni invited. it's the start of something new.
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>> general consensus is that we felt like orphans outside the fence. all these years, and to now kind of be reconnected with the current players. >> when bruce came in, he called me up and said, look, the redskins will never be successful as an organization if we don't put the band back together. he's right. the previous guy, ñúhe guy he replaced, didn't think that. he didn't like us around because he wanted to take all the credit. >> george stark of course talking about vinny right there, who was also at the event, invited as a member of the alumni. that's why we love george. not exactly a star studded leaderboard at the u.s. open,
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but there was some history today. for the first time ever, tiger and phil mickelson didn't birdie a single hole. tiger, three over, phil, four over. but pebble beach isn't playing easy. the leerd leaders are all at two under par. here is tiger on 17 putting for birdie from about ten feet away and he is not really even close. tiger finished with three boeg gis and sits at three over. phil not doing much better. he had this 99 times out of 100. first time tiger, phil, ever haven't birdied in the same round. shot of the day pr the virginia tech alum here on 14. oh, in the jar for the bird two others lead the u.s. open at two under par. baseball time.
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strasburg back on the bump tomorrow afternoon. his third career big league start. tickets still available. nats not playing well. they've lost five of their last six due to the bats. to detroit. jim leyland taking a little bp before the game. it was all great before this swing. he's going the take it easy. bottom two, no score. this is alex avila getting xdahd of the louis pitch all the way to the center field wall. two tigers come in to score. avila gets a double in detroit. grabs a quick, 2-0 lead. just robs it -- bernadina can't believe it. the nationals lose their third
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straight. 8-3, the final. tomorrow night, strasburg will be on the mound. and the united states plays slovenia tomorrow and game seven is tied at 64 late in the fourth quarter. >> down to the wire on that one. thanks. rather unusual site on the ♪ [ male announcer ] progress. progress for new york city cab drivers, like ossman ali is being able to carry people, who aren't carrying cash. meaning more convenience for passengers, and more business for cab drivers. all thanks to the ease and freedom of visa digital currency. now that's progress. visa. currency of progress.
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a water main break in philadelphia put up quite a show this morning. it sent water to towering heights alongside i-95. it caused delays as people slowed down to get a good look. 2 million gallons poured out before crews were able to turn it off. for the first time, j.d. power and associates says the quality of new vehicles made in the u.s. has surpassed the qualifity of foreign vehicles. the survey reported fewer problems in the first few months of ownership compared to cars made by companies abroad. ford made some of the biggest strides, while toyota's score dropped. a couple from northern virginia who crashed the white house party's state dinner sort of spoke out today. didn't really say much. the salahis took part in a local
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cable show today. they were on the "q and a cafe." >> i'm just curious. i don't want to talk about that they should have, would have, could have. >> still possible they could face criminal charges on that. the salahis will be featured on the new reality show based in d.c. it's supposed to appear in august. give you all
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the most memorable performance at the middle school talent show this week was not by a student. all right. those are teachers. at the school. they danced to a new song by lady gaga and you can see, they were busting some moves out there. as you can imagine, it was a huge hit among the students. i never had


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